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Soup with cottage cheese

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It turns out delicious and, as always, simply and quickly prepared. The dumplings are tender and the cottage cheese gives the soup a special taste. Children especially like this soup. I recommend to try.


Chicken -500g.

Water -2 liters.

Salt -1 tsp

Bay leaf -1pc.

Black pepper - to taste

Greens - to taste

Potatoes -3 pcs.

Bulb -1pc.

Carrot -1 pc.

For the dumpling:

Cottage cheese -70g.

Sour cream-3 tsp (25g)

Butter -15g.

Flour -2 tbsp.

Egg -1pc.

Salt -1/3 tsp

Parsley greens - to taste


To begin with, boil the chicken broth, I drain the first broth as soon as the meat boils and boils for about 5 minutes. Now I put the meat in boiling water, add bay leaf, onion and add 1 tsp. salt. In order for the broth to be transparent, I always cook it on low heat, so that the broth gurgles only slightly. Cook until the meat is done.

During this time, cut the onion into cubes, grate the carrots on a coarse grater. I pour vegetable oil into the pan quite a bit, about 1 tsp, we don’t need extra oil in the soup. Fry the onion lightly for about 30 seconds, add carrots and fry for another 30 seconds. You can not do this, but add raw vegetables to the soup.

We remove the chicken parts from the finished broth, put 3-4 potato tubers cut into cubes and immediately add the stewed carrots and onions, cook until the vegetables are ready.

During this time, prepare the cottage cheese. Put 70 grams of cottage cheese in a bowl, add 3 tsp sour cream, 15 gr. butter, room temperature, add a little salt, divide the egg into protein and yolk, add the yolk to the cottage cheese, put 2 tbsp. flour and a little parsley and mix.

Beat the protein until stable peaks take about 1 minute for me. Add whipped egg whites to curd and mix. The dough should turn out to be neither thick nor too liquid, otherwise the dumplings will not hold their shape well. You may need a little more flour, it all depends on the moisture content of the curd. I didn't need it today.

We take a teaspoon of a little cottage cheese dough and lower it to the prepared vegetables. Cook for another 3 minutes, add black pepper, pre-separate the meat from the bones on which the broth was cooked, taste for salt, add if necessary. Add herbs, bring to a boil and remove from heat.

The dumplings are very tender and keep their shape well. You can cook such a soup without potatoes, but then you need to increase the proportion for cottage cheese dumplings by 3 times. It also turns out delicious.


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