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prescription for joint pain

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How often do we buy into advertisements for overseas products, believing that vegetables and fruits from America, Africa or Asia are much more useful than our relatives! In fact, the “compatriots” are not only not inferior, they are many times more useful, and even more accessible. Take, for example, cabbage : the vitamin composition of this vegetable is amazing. It helps to fight a number of diseases and disorders. And that before which the ointment is powerless, among them.

If joint pains make themselves felt all the time, not allowing you to work normally, sleep and just live, and pills and ointments have not been effective for a long time, attach a cabbage leaf. Opponents of traditional medicine can be outraged as much as they like. What's the point if cabbage works?

Why cabbage?

This common vegetable is a storehouse of ascorbic, folic, and pantothenic acid, which means it helps get rid of inflammation . According to the advice of traditional medicine, using a cabbage leaf to relieve inflammation is an excellent choice. It is enough to apply the sheet just once to relieve the symptoms of the disease, or every evening for a month to cure it.

Cabbage leaf helps relieve inflammation, strengthen joints, anesthetize the affected area and disinfect it. But do not forget that in addition to external use, cabbage also needs to be included in the diet . So you can prevent the onset of the disease or speed up recovery if you learned about the treatment after the fact.

And the advantage is not only in the composition and quick effect , but also in the availability of the product. You can buy it at any time of the year, and the treatment will cost many times cheaper than through pills and ointments.

4 Ways to Treat Sore Joints

Everything is extremely simple and clear . All you need is a desire to really change something and, of course, a cabbage leaf. Take action.

  1. Wash the sheet. Make a few cuts. Warm it up in the microwave. Then smear with a layer of honey. Such a compress should be applied to the affected area. Wrap it with cellophane, and secure it with a bandage on top, and also wrap it with a scarf. Repeat the procedure every evening, leaving the compress on all night.
  2. Combine one part honey, one part mustard and three parts camphor oil. Spread the resulting mass on a cabbage leaf. Then apply so to the joint. Fasten as above and wait 4 hours.
  3. Rinse the sheet. Pat it dry with a towel. Then beat off. The leaf will give some juice. Apply to the inflamed joint. Wrap with foil, secure with a bandage, and then insulate with a scarf.
  4. Crush 2 aspirin tablets. Combine them with 1 tsp. honey. Apply the mass to the diseased joint and cover with a cabbage leaf. Wrap up.

During the treatment process, we strongly advise you to take care of your skin hygiene . Wash the area that needs care with an antiseptic. Then the dermis will not turn red and you will prevent itching.

Therapy of this kind is always well tolerated. Very often, even experts advise using cabbage if the ointments are ineffective, and the action of tablets alone is not enough. Do compresses regularly, then you will not have to suffer from joint pain as soon as the change of weather makes itself felt.

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