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Facelift. Fist and 10 minutes to put your face back in place

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In order to tighten the oval and return your cheeks to their place, you need a fist and only 10 minutes. In a few weeks, you can eliminate drooping cheeks, which greatly age the face.

Why do cheeks droop

The buccal muscle comes from the surface of the upper and lower jaws and is woven into the circular muscle of the mouth. Due to its spasm, not only the cheeks can fall, but nasolabial wrinkles can also appear. In addition, swelling appears in this area.

In the modern world, people often riveted their eyes to the screen of a phone or monitor. In this case, the head is tilted forward, and the muscles at this time are spasmodic. Muscles are our "formed memories". All experiences, emotions reflected in facial expressions, affect the muscles. Tension in them persists even during sleep. Because of this, the face sinks.

The muscles of the face run from the head to the neck and décolleté. When the muscles of the head, face, and décolleté are tightly contracted, each of them pulls the face down and creates sagging, double chin, jowls, and wrinkles.

How to massage

Use your fist to relieve tension. Fingers folded into a fist make it easier to approach the muscles. And most importantly, you can massage anytime, anywhere. Even 10 minutes a day is enough. When the muscles are in a relaxed state, they do not receive any additional load. They become elastic. They improve blood flow, swelling goes away and complexion improves.

Exercise 1

Make a fist and put it in front of your face so that your index finger is next to the hole in your ear. Perform up and down movements. Repeat 30 times on each side of the face.

Exercise 2

Place your fist with your knuckles just above your lower jaw. Perform the massage by moving your hand from the chin to the ear. Repeat 30 times on each side.

Exercise 3

Place your fist under your eyes. Press and move it slightly from side to side, go to the lips. Repeat 30 times on each side.

Exercise 4

Place your fist under your jawbone. Press and slide down to the collarbone. Do 30 times on each side.

Exercise 5

Place your fist in the recess under your collarbone and move it from side to side. Perform on both sides.

Try to do this complex every day. Exercises will help smooth out the muscles of the face, relieve spasm from them. They "stand" in place and tighten the skin behind them.


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