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Face lift

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This simple and quick way to get your face in order takes only 5 minutes, it helps to remove swelling, smooth the skin, lift muscles, relieve tension, revitalize the whole face.

If you feel that your face has become heavier, if it has begun to look larger, more massive, then it may not even be a matter of fat deposits, but be the result of moisture accumulation, as well as muscle stiffness that impedes the flow of blood and lymph, which together gives swelling, and sagging tissues. The Kogao self-massage techniques suggested below will help you quickly “lose weight” on your face, reduce its volume and make it more accurate and toned. The author also promises an immediate visual effect from these exercises.

Kogao mini massage

Exercise 1.  Stretching the front of the neck. Preliminary exercise before the start of the massage.

Press both hands on the area of ​​​​the collarbones in the center and raise the chin to the ceiling. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Reinforced variant. When doing this exercise, stick your tongue forward, this will enhance the effect.

Exercise 2.  Aimed at creating a clear bottom line of the face oval. Helps to get rid of a double chin.

Grasp the chin area between the index and middle fingers of your right hand. Glide, pressing your fingers lightly, towards your right ear. Then switch hands and do the same movement with your left hand on the left side of your face. Hand movements are smooth and sequentially replacing each other: right - left, right - left. Do a total of 20 movements (10 with each hand). At the end of the exercise, place your fingers at the points (hollows) under the ear and make a smoothing movement along the sides of the neck to the collarbones - this gives lymph flow.


Exercise 3. Relieves tension from chewing, buccal muscles, smoothes, evens out the cheek area.

Part 1. Put your fingers on the junction of the temporomandibular joint and the zygomatic bone, as in the photo. Perform pressure massaging circular motions towards the ear. Repeat 20 times.

Part 2 : Open your mouth. Place your fingers on the area of ​​the temporomandibular joint as in the photo. While pressing your fingers, slowly open your mouth as wide as possible while loudly pronouncing the vowels A-E-I-U-E-O-A-O. Repeat 3 times.

Note. People with diseases of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) should perform this exercise very slowly, with less amplitude and with great care, making sure that the lower jaw opens in a vertical direction.

Part 3. Place your palms so that your fingers are on the hairy part of the temples, and the palms themselves directly press the region of the temporomandibular joint, as in the photo. The thumbs are behind the ear (if the position is chosen correctly, they fall into the jaw fossa behind the ear). Toes front and back are tight. Start making sliding, pulling upward movements with your fingers, as if lifting the scalp area. If you feel the temples rise under your fingers, the area behind the ears, cheekbones, then the exercise is performed correctly. Do 10 times.

Exercise 4. These movements relieve tension in the cheekbones, lift and smooth, and also increase lymph flow and blood circulation in this area.

Part 1. Place your index, middle and ring fingers next to the nostrils and press firmly. Slide your fingers, pressing, from the nostrils along the cheekbones to the temples. Repeat 20 times.

Part 2. Raising the cheekbones. Place the palms of both hands to the outer areas of the cheekbones. Press firmly. Begin to lift the muscles of the cheekbones with the palms exactly up, as if we want to bring them to the top of the head. Repeat 10 times.


1. The force of pressure. The pressure should be moderate. Too much pressure can injure the skin, and too little will not have any effect. Therefore, it is better to use the principle of the golden mean, carefully listening to the sensations in order to add or weaken the pressure.

2. During the massage movements, you can use cosmetic cream or facial emulsion that you use in your daily care to improve gliding.

3. Massage can be performed in the morning and evening.


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