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How to always look good

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 How to always look good
 How to always look charming and feel confident. Golden rules that every well-groomed girl should know. 1.
Don't forget to wash your face before bed. No fatigue can be an excuse for not wanting to wash off makeup in the evening. You may not have time to do masks or massages, but simple hygiene rules cannot be neglected. Otherwise, your skin will eventually acquire a dull color, early wrinkles, blackheads and enlarged pores will appear.

How to always look good

Find your perfect shade of scarlet lipstick. Red lipstick is a universal assistant for any woman who can revive even the dullest outfit. The main thing is to choose your color: soft coral or carmine are suitable for warm skin tones, and scarlet, garnet or cherry for darker ones.

Follow comprehensive care. Making masks is certainly good, but no way to take care of yourself will work if you do not eat right, spend more time in the fresh air and sleep at least seven hours.

Learn to do your own styling. There is one hairdressing trick that helps to achieve perfect styling at home. After washing your hair, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel to absorb excess moisture, then dry your hair naturally, and then style long curls or a short haircut with a round comb and a hand-held hair dryer. Thus, the hair will lie more evenly and smoothly.

Find your unique scent. Choosing your perfume does not mean using it alone for the rest of your life. All you have to do is pick the right scent to be remembered. Try to reveal your personality through it and complete the image.

How to always look good

Follow the shape of the eyebrows. Don't follow the rules of fashion. Everyone has different eyebrows: thin ones are suitable for someone, thicker ones for others. It is enough to correct the natural shape and use an eyebrow pencil slightly lighter than the hair roots. So, the face will become visually younger.

Sign up for hair updates regularly. Regardless of the length of your hair, you need to freshen up your hair every two months. Remember - no oils, serums and the like will save you from split ends. Do not be afraid to cut off the excess - this will make your hair look healthier.

Take care of your hands and nails. It is important to have healthy nails. The choice of nail design is huge. But you can always choose a classic French manicure or a solid color. The main thing is that the hands look well-groomed.

Belly fat is not burned while you work on the abdominal muscles. The press will be, but under a layer of fat. So the belly will even increase in volume. To burn belly fat, pull it in all the time and tighten your muscles.

Mahi helps best of all from the hips, stretching from the calves, and walking for the legs.

How to always look good

In order for the muscles to swing beautifully and not grow like jocks, exercise 2-3 times a week and be sure to stretch after training.

In the morning on an empty stomach 2 glasses of water, you can with lemon, after 10 minutes 2 tablespoons of olive or flaxseed oil (to have the right fat in the body, for breasts and maintain the menstrual cycle). You can also eat a green apple.

After 10-15 minutes - breakfast. it should be dense and full in order to signal the body that it's time to wake up, and also provide energy for the whole day.

Do not drink food and after eating for another 40 minutes do not drink anything! This slows down digestion, leads to heaviness, expands the walls of the stomach.

There are more often, but little by little. ideally, to accelerate metabolism, you need to eat 5 times a day every 3 hours and at the same time (so that the body gets used to it and works better).

How to always look good

Baths and saunas do not burn fat, they only remove water from the body, which returns after 2 hours.

Not eating after six is ​​a cliché. There is no need to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime.

After 16 - only protein foods. Carbohydrates turn into fat in the afternoon.

A contrast shower is a panacea for everything. Increases blood circulation, respectively, accelerates metabolism, smoothes cellulite, improves complexion and appears willpower. forward to new habits!

Chew your food thoroughly, slowly and thoughtfully. Again, to speed up the metabolism. Do you know why some people eat a lot and don't get fat? Metabolism is good! This is also the secret of the French women - they are not in a hurry while eating and never have a snack!

How to always look good

The feeling of fullness comes 20 minutes after you have eaten enough. Imagine how much you can eat in 20 minutes! So slow down with food.

Turn meals into torture. sit with a straight back, no TV / book, use all appliances, set the table according to all the rules! Imagine that a guy is sitting in front of you! and if you're really hardened, try to eat naked in front of the mirror!

Craving a bite to eat, but don't you want to? Do 20 squats, 50 jumps! Take a fragrant bath, go to the store and look at the clothes!

Do exercises every 5 minutes. you sit in front of the computer - go do some exercises for the press. After 5 minutes - you can squat.

You don’t want to eat from sports for two reasons: physically - the organs will shake, you will sweat, psychologically - you spent calories, you don’t want to gain.

How to always look good

Every hour drink a glass of water (better in small sips - it's more useful). Turn it into an exciting process - add lemon, mint. Love water.

Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, soda, fast food, chips, mayonnaise, sausage are your main enemies. Memorize these words and associate them with cellulite and sides. hate them!

Nuts, butter - useful, but in small quantities. These are super high calorie foods. So a handful of nuts that are so easy to get carried away with can make up your entire estimated calorie content of your day! Therefore, do not get carried away with oil when dressing a salad. From this, out of 100 kcal, there may already be 200, 300, 500 ... 8 nuts per day, no longer needed.

Potatoes - just not fried. If you really want to, eat potatoes in their skins or, at worst, mashed potatoes.

What is in white, what is in gray bread is the same calories. So without prejudice - learn to eat without bread or switch to rye.

How to always look good

Do not drink tea, do not have such a habit at all! Only if apart from food. And without sugar, why do you need empty carbs? This is pure poison. replace it with honey.

Green tea - 2 cups a day. Soothes, promotes cleansing.

How do you maintain your beauty? We look forward to your comments!

How to always look good


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