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Gymnastics Vorobyov for 6 minutes

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Well, maybe - it's a big word, doing nothing, but in fact, this gymnastics can help you keep fit and even lose weight if you really do it. However, it does not require a lot of time and a lot of space. For its implementation, your working area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe office, computer desk, small workplace is suitable.

It is especially good for office workers who spend the whole day in the office and are limited in their movements, so to speak. And now, in the age of universal computerization, it is even more necessary for everyone to get at least some kind of physical activity. Gymnastics was developed in the 80s and was very popular in the Soviet era, and even twice received the gold medal of VDNKh of the USSR. If you really do the exercises every hour, then spend about 15% of the calories eaten, plus the benefits for the whole body are very large, since, every hour, you will set the whole body in motion, temporarily disconnect from the work process, which will allow the brain to relax and work more effectively in the future.

Only 6 minutes, every hour, and you will notice the results in three days. To tighten the muscles of the whole body, the weight will begin to decrease slightly. Although the first three days can be the most difficult, as you have to make an effort on yourself to do this gymnastics every hour.

The meaning and exercises Vorobyov's gymnastics

In order to do these simple exercises, you need a small space, for example, a workplace. You can do them standing or sitting, each exercise should be performed 40 times. Pay special attention to the last condition, this is the basis of this type of gymnastics.

So, the exercises themselves.

Exercises of hidden gymnastics Vorobyov.

1. Feet fully touch the ground. Raise and lower your heels without taking your toes off the floor - 40 times. The back is straight, the legs are brought together.

2. Now raise and lower your socks without tearing off your heels - 40 times.

3. An exercise that can be done in any position: sitting, standing and even on the go - squeeze and unclench the muscles of the buttocks - 40 times.

4. Slowly pull in the wall of the abdomen as you exhale, as you inhale, return to the starting position - 15 times. Great abdominal workout.

5. Train your back muscles while standing or sitting. With a straight back, move the shoulder blades towards the spine - 40 times, make sure that the shoulders do not move!

6. To rest your back and stretch your fingers, do the following exercise. Spread your arms in different directions at shoulder level. Watch your posture. Clench and unclench your fists 40 p.

7. Rhythmic head turns left and right - 40 times.

8. This exercise will improve the contour of the face and reduce the risk of a double chin. Pulling the chin forward - 40 times.

This gymnastics has no contraindications at all. Very often, this may be the only way to somehow maintain your health.

Be sure to try this gymnastics and you will be surprised how effective it is.

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