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Home anti-aging cream from 35 to 70 years!

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That's right - homemade and magical, I call the anti-aging cream, which I learned about 3 years ago. My neighbor told me about it.

She had just moved into our house then, and we all thought she wasn't retired yet. And they were very surprised when they found out that she was 69 years old.

Her life was not easy - she lost her parents early, then her husband, she raised four children alone, one of whom was disabled ...

Homemade anti-aging cream

In general, it was not necessary to associate her magnificent appearance with a serene life. The same as we are, swathed in problems and the eternal lack of money, a woman. But what is she and what are we ...

Of course, we bombarded her with questions about the recipe for her youth.

Having omitted the fact that she runs in the evenings and tries to eat right, I will only talk about the cream that she makes herself and uses, as she said, for fifteen years.

She shared with me, I will share with the readers of this wonderful site.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that today it seems to me that wrinkles as a phenomenon forgot about my face three years ago, when I started making and using such a cream myself.

Honestly, their number is not increasing!

Home anti-aging cream:

In general, believe it or not ... here is this simple recipe.

All you need is:

  • 100 g cream;
  • one raw egg yolk;
  • one tablespoon of liquid honey (if there is no liquid, you will have to
  • melt in a water bath candied);
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • two dessert spoons of good cognac.

All this is available even to us, pensioners with a small pension.

And then everything is simple: mix all the ingredients well, and every day, and preferably in the evening, apply on a cleanly washed face. After about an hour, wash off with warm water and then do not smear anything. I store the cream in a glass jar in the refrigerator (in the door).

I never wondered what is so special about this cream, what is the secret of its such effectiveness. I don’t need it, the appearance of my neighbor was enough for me. I followed her example and have no regrets! Try it too.

Yes, many call this cream a mask. Because it needs to be rinsed off. I somehow do not accept this word, for me it is still a cream - homemade magic! After all, it's not the category, but the result. It is so?


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