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Homemade ice cream in 1 minute from two ingredients. I do it regularly several times a week.

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This is the best and fastest ice cream recipe I have ever made. Indeed, one minute and beautiful, tasty, sweet, tender ice cream is ready. Note that I do not add any sugar to this ice cream - this is superfluous. It is so very sweet!

Children and adults are delighted with such ice cream .... The first time I tried it, I could not believe that this was my own, homemade ice cream. I immediately asked for the recipe and now I always make this ice cream.

Loved by everyone who has tried it.

Here is my short video ice cream recipe:

Step-by-step recipe for making homemade ice cream with a photo:

For cooking, you need milk and frozen bananas.

banana ice cream

After I found out the recipe for such homemade ice cream, there are always frozen bananas in the freezer. And I recommend that you always have such a blank. If it is, then you will spend no more than one minute making ice cream.

A fresh banana won't do!

Bananas should be cut into slices and frozen.

frozen bananas

I take milk from the refrigerator, any fat content will do.

If desired, milk can be replaced with 10% cream, but then the ice cream will turn out to be more high-calorie. I prefer to make with milk.

By the way, milk does not have to be cow's milk. You can use soy, coconut, almond milk.

Bananas are better to buy ripe , you can even slightly overripe. After freezing, they will become even sweeter.

I put bananas in a blender bowl and pour milk over it.

ice cream recipe

I turn on the blender for 30 seconds and the ice cream is ready!

ice cream

The aroma is great, you can add a little vanilla if you like.

I lay out the ice cream in portions, decorate with a mint leaf and serve it to the table.

homemade ice cream

You can sprinkle nuts on ice cream, pour some topping. Already to your taste.


For 200 gr. frozen bananas 100 ml. milk!

I am sure you will appreciate this ice cream. I highly recommend trying it.


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