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1. Purifying

The name of the first stage or the first step speaks for itself. On this day, you will be engaged in cleansing your body. The stage is very important and useful, take it seriously! It helps to enhance the impact of the following stages, gently preparing the body for weight loss. Plus, at this stage there is a good cleansing of the body from toxins and toxins. And as a nice bonus, you can already lose from 1 to 2 kg!

2. Restorative

The second stage is designed to restore a favorable environment of the gastrointestinal tract, which is also very important, both for health and for proper weight loss. At this stage, you have to please your body with fermented milk products, which, after the “Cleansing” stage, will be absorbed by the body most effectively!

Since the diet of this day will be very low-calorie, in addition to the enormous benefits for your intestines, you will be able to lose another 1 to 2 kg. Encouraged by your amazing results, move on to the next step.

3. Energy

The most delicious and enjoyable stage of the Lesenka diet. On this day, you have to replenish the energy reserves that the body has spent on cleansing and healing, to be honest, he was hungry and missed sugar. Therefore, on the 3rd step, you need to please your body with glucose until it takes offense at you. Glucose will be extremely useful (raisins, honey, etc.), so it will not harm weight loss. On this “sweet” day, you can lose weight by about 0.5-1 kg.

4. Construction

This stage was called Construction for a reason. Its task is to help the body burn fat cells without affecting muscle mass. An active intake of protein with food will help the body carry out the necessary “construction” work (after all, weight loss is a shock, due to which many vital functions of the body slow down), but at the same time, the process of losing weight will continue! The building step will help you say goodbye to the extra 700 gr.

5. Fat Burner

Well, we have reached the last final step! Here you will find useful fiber, which will help complete the process of losing weight. Fiber perfectly saturates and satisfies the feeling of hunger, but the body needs to spend a lot of energy on digesting it, and in conditions of a lack of glycogen after 4 days of the diet, it will begin to produce it from fat, actively burning it. The last step of the Lasenka diet will help you lose another 1-2.5 kg!

Diet menu Lesenka for 5 days

1 day, 1 step "Cleansing"

During the day you need to eat 1 kg of apples, drink at least 1 liter of water and take 6-8 activated charcoal tablets (1 tablet every 2 hours).

Day 2, Stage 2 "Restoring"

During the day you need to drink 1 liter of low-fat kefir and eat about 600 gr. low-fat cottage cheese. Plus, you need to drink clean water or mineral water without gas.

Day 3, Stage 3 "Energy"

At the third stage, your diet for the day: 2 tablespoons of honey, 300 gr. raisins, dried fruit compote without sugar (replace it with fructose) and water.

Day 4, Stage 4 "Construction"

Protein day - 500 gr. poultry meat (turkey, chicken) must be with greens. Meat can be boiled, baked, steamed or grilled. Be sure to drink water throughout the day.

Day 5, Stage 5 "Fat Burning"

On this day, you can arrange yourself almost a celebration of the stomach. You can eat fresh fruits and raw vegetables in any quantity. Plus you need to eat about 200 gr. oatmeal boiled in water and naturally drink water!

Only 5 days and you are the owner of a new slim figure! For more stimulation, do not be too lazy to draw a ladder on a piece of paper, on the steps of which mark your successes every time, and they will be, do not even hesitate.

Diet Lesenka is simple and useful. Therefore, you can safely repeat it after a short break!


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