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Quick breakfast: after trying once, my family asks to cook all the time. I spend no more than 10 minutes and it's very tasty

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We all love to have a tasty meal in the morning, but we don’t want to cook breakfast for a long time. I have a whole list of quick, hearty, delicious breakfasts. And today I want to share one of my favorite recipes - lazy khachapuri in a pan. This breakfast takes about 10 minutes. My husband especially loves when I cook such khachapuri. Try and please your family with such a delicious, hearty breakfast.

For video lovers, I have prepared a short video recipe, see:

Step-by-step recipe for cooking lazy khachapuri in a pan:

I immediately put a frying pan with a few drops of vegetable oil to warm up. The dough is prepared with lightning speed.

I pour kefir into a deep bowl and add soda, salt. Mix and let stand for one minute. Soda will react with kefir and get an air mass.

kefir with soda

Next, I add cottage cheese. Cottage cheese can be replaced with cheese. But it seems to me that with cottage cheese it is more useful.

cottage cheese breakfast

Add eggs and mix with a fork.

quick breakfast

Finely chop the greens (it is possible without it) and add to the dough, pepper and mix lightly.

hearty breakfast

Now I add flour, mix with a fork. The dough is quite thick.

quick breakfast

The pan is already hot. I spread the dough and evenly distribute it over the entire surface.

breakfast in a pan

I cover the lid and fry on a fire slightly below average for 5 minutes.

Time has passed. I flip it like this:

I take a plate the size of a lazy khachapuri and tilting the pan I shift it onto a plate. Then I cover the plate with a frying pan, turn it over. I put it on the fire, I take off the plate. Ready!

what to cook for breakfast
breakfast delicious and fast

So khachapuri will definitely remain whole and beautiful.

Sprinkle with some cheese (optional). Close the lid and cook for another 3-4 minutes.

lazy khachapuri

Great breakfast is ready! Khachapuri I cut into 8 parts, for convenience. Bon appetit! I love eating it with sour cream.


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