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Do you know why coffee is served with a glass of water!?

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In the right coffee shops, along with a cup of aromatic coffee, customers are served a glass of clean cool water.

This ancient and beautiful tradition has a practical meaning: a drink like coffee should really be washed down with water - and not only in order to better reveal its taste.

The coffee bean contains the well-known invigorating alkaloid called caffeine, which has a pronounced tonic effect. In the inner part of the grain there is another alkaloid - theobromine.

In the manufacture of instant coffee, only the inner part of the grain is used; the outer shell is separated and used for medicines or energy drinks. But if we are dealing with grain coffee, then we need to remember that it contains two alkaloids at once.

reverse process

When we drink coffee, these two alkaloids enter our body at the same time - but they begin to act in turn. First, caffeine begins to work - it is with its action that the invigorating effect is associated. But about 25 minutes later, theobromine enters the scene.

Here's how it all works: caffeine has the ability to constrict blood vessels in all organs - except for the kidneys; in them, after a couple of sips of espresso, the vessels, on the contrary, expand. The result is increased pressure and the urge to urinate; the latter are associated with improved blood flow in the kidneys.

However, before half an hour passes, the person begins to feel a little sleepy; at the same time, many feel a not too pleasant pulling sensation in the region of the kidneys. This began the action of theobromine: the pressure in all organs increased, and in the kidneys it decreased.

In order to avoid disturbing the blood flow in the kidneys, it makes sense to take a sip of water after each sip of coffee.

3 reasons:

  • Taste . If, without further ado, just drink coffee sip after sip, then the second sip will not be as bewitching as the first. And clean water will wash the taste buds - and as a result, you can fully enjoy every sip.
  • The pressure is normal . For those who are afraid to drink coffee again because of the risk of high blood pressure, plain water can do an excellent job - it can weaken the effect of caffeine; if you drink coffee with it, the heart will not beat like crazy.
  • Teeth like pearls. Coffee contains a pigment that stains tooth enamel. But if after each sip you drink a little water, then the pigment will not have time to be absorbed and the teeth will remain as white as they were.

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